About Us

Ontario’s intercity bus system is in need of real change. Bus services are a vital link between urban and rural communities – and we need to make the system work better for those who use it.

The current regulatory system has led to the worst of both worlds for consumers. First, bus carriers have monopolies on all of their routes, so consumers don’t get the benefit of competition and innovation. Second, bus carriers can abandon service on routes that aren’t profitable, leaving communities in rural and remote parts of the province without service. We believe that the best way to bring buses back into the communities that need them is to modernize the industry – a step that has already been taking place in provinces including Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland. A modernized, deregulated intercity bus industry would provide riders with better, safer, and more reliable transportation. Help us create a modernized intercity bus system by asking your local and provincial politician’s one question: Where’s The Bus?

About Coach Canada

coach-canadaSpecializing in quality passenger transportation since 1956, Coach Canada provides safe and reliable scheduled bus service in Ontario and Quebec. With 750 employees across Canada, Coach Canada provides intercity, transit, charter, and airport transportation services. Coach Canada operates one of the largest, most modern fleet of highway coaches in Ontario, operating with second to none training, maintenance and safety protocols. Coach Canada operates Megabus, an industry leading North American intercity bus operator. Megabus.com now operates in more than 30 states in the United States and two provinces in Canada, serving more than 120 destinations. Around 10 million customers travel on more than 200,000 trips with megabus.com every year, with more than 50% of passengers previously driving by car. Customers benefit from the most modern fleet of double-decker buses in North America. The state-of-the-art, green-certified and wheelchair accessible double-decker buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, power outlets, seat belts and toilets. megabus.com has also created more than 1,000 new jobs over the past seven years.Megabus.com has again been recognized for leading the way in transforming inter-city bus travel. Travelers can make huge savings by leaving their car keys at home and taking the bus to get to work, make a business trip, travel with friends or go on a vacation.



About Pacific Western Transportation

pwtFounded in 1957, Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) is the largest privately-owned passenger transportation company in Canada. Serving urban and rural communities, PWT’s Canada-wide transportation services and solutions are separated into four divisions: Motor Coach, Oil Sands, Student Transportation and Transit. PWT’s unwavering dedication to customer service and safety is exemplified in its foundational motto: Safely Home. PWT operates AlbertaBus.com, which makes intercity bus travel across Alberta simple and convenient. With a growing network of interline and intercity bus travel service providers, AlbertaBus.com strives to offer flexibility as well hassle-free bus connections to make the intercity bus travel experience across Alberta a pleasant experience. Whether arranging transportation by bus from Calgary, Edmonton or Fort McMurray, AlbertaBus.com can manage the booking of intercity bus travel through one central reservation system, simplifying the travel booking process. From one site, fare quotes can be provided, bus travel can be booked, all with the assurance of being provided quality service by reliable bus service providers.